How is the television cable wired in the apartment

  1. TV cable selection
  2. Accessories and distribution equipment
  3. Cable routing
  4. Antenna cable installation rules
  5. Cabling in the apartment
  6. How to mask a television cable

Hidden cable wiring for TV

It is difficult to imagine a city apartment without a TV. In today's dynamic rhythm of life, it is an essential attribute of any home. The image must be of high quality, with surround sound, with a clear color reproduction.

Even good antennas and the latest equipment will be powerless if poor-quality wiring of a television cable is made in an apartment. The article will tell the rules of its installation.

TV cable selection

Wiring antenna cable in the apartment begins with the selection of quality materials and equipment.

The main characteristics of the cable are:

  • Length.
  • Thickness.
  • Bandwidth.

For the transmission of high quality television signals, the use of these types of television cables is recommended:

  • Mark RK 75-4-11 and RK 50-7-11 are excellent for cable television.
  • Marks Р0К 75-4,8-318 and РК 75-4,8-312 are good to use for digital television.
  • Mark RK 75-2-13 , it is more flexible with a smaller diameter wire, is used for small cables from TV sockets to the TV. The price of this wire is the lowest.

Cable brand RK 75-2-13

Accessories and distribution equipment

The interconnection of TV cables, and their connection to the receivers, is made using various devices, which are presented in the table:


Amplifier with adapter

Such a device is used to amplify the signal coming from a common television antenna to a specific television.

The amplifier is connected to the TV cable with threaded connectors.

The amplifier is connected to the TV cable with threaded connectors

TV cable splitter

The television signal entering the “weak point”, from the common antenna to the interfloor panel installed at the entrance through the TV cable splitter, goes to different rooms of the apartment to the TVs.

Their main purpose is to divide the input signal into the required number of possible TV connection points. In this case, there may be a lot of points, but in proportion to their number, the signal quality will decrease.

In this case, there may be a lot of points, but in proportion to their number, the signal quality will decrease

TV adder

In appearance, the device resembles a splitter. The adder is designed to sum the television signals from antennas of different frequencies into one common television signal, which is fed through a single cable to the desired television receiver. In appearance, the device resembles a splitter

TV outlet for F-connector when connecting an antenna plug

This is the ultimate device for supplying a television signal to the TV. The socket is fastened in a special box located in the wall, and the TV cable that goes with it is attached with a screw clip. This is the ultimate device for supplying a television signal to the TV

Antenna plug

These devices are used for the final connection of the cable, equipped on two sides with antenna plugs, to a television and a television outlet. The plugs are connected to the cable by soldering, or by screwing the plug onto the cable, creating a fairly reliable, well-shielded connection of the elements.

After getting acquainted with all the devices and choosing the right cable, you can do it yourself.

Cable routing

Wiring TV cable in the apartment can be done in two ways: open, and in the cable channels or in the grooves.

Cable laying technology offers:

  • The site, located from the shield wiring to branching into the apartment, is laid in the cable channel.

Tip: Initially, the cable channel must exceed the desired width, because over time you may need to wiring the Internet cable in the apartment or cord for telephone "noodles". When connecting to the shield, you should make a wire without a screen covering the minimum length, which will improve the image quality.

  • From the branch wire is connected via F-connectors. It is better to use threaded options. The presence of internal thread allows, if necessary, easy to remount the entire network.
  • Mounted splitter. For him, an important condition is choosing the right place. In this case, it is necessary to provide that the interior of the room is not damaged due to the not too presentable appearance of the device. However, it is also impossible to hide the device so that it has free access.

Splitter Mounting

Antenna cable installation rules

Tip: To avoid "parasitic interference" on the cable lines for the television signal, they should be placed as far as possible from the power lines in the apartment, and from the devices and lines to them, where there are large starting currents: for the refrigerator, microwave, iron, washing cars.

  • The television cable is placed in the channel with "low-current" lines, such as alarm lines, telephone, Internet.
  • All the lines, and the wiring of the TV cable throughout the apartment, should be done with long, whole pieces.
  • It is necessary to avoid the intersection of television cables and power lines of the electrical network, and if necessary - to cross the wires at right angles.
  • Installation work should be carried out with separators and splitters of television signals only factory-made. In this case, reliable contact of wires and shielding of the incoming signal is provided. This does not provide any twist of wires, and therefore will not be a high-quality signal for TV.
  • The laying of cable lines must be performed using a special TV cable brand RK 75 or a special cable for digital television.
  • Laying and connecting the TV cable should not be carried out with the formation of a cable loop, its twisting into a coil, with sharp bends. This will immediately lead to a deterioration in the quality of signal reproduction.
  • When jointly laying the TV cable and the power line, you need to use a TV cable with a center wire diameter of at least 1 mm, and preferably with double shielding: two layers of foil, located above the braid and under it.

Cabling in the apartment

Instructions for holding the apartment cable offers:

  • On the top floor of the building is a shield from which many different wires run. They are labeled as belonging to a specific apartment.


  • The necessary cable is determined, and extended to the required floor.
  • A small hole is drilled near the door so that through it you can stretch the wire into the apartment.
  • Indoors, the cable is mounted near the entrance door with special wall mounts.

Installation of cable in the apartment

  • From the door wiring is pulled to the TV. Usually for this cable is hidden special designs.

A full view of cable laying helps to get a video where all the actions are reviewed and useful tips are given.

How to mask a television cable

After the wiring in the apartment of the television cable is completed, it becomes necessary to hide it. This can be done in several ways.

For example:

  • To hide the wires in a plastic box, which is a rather long construction - about two meters, the upper part of which opens. Fix the box on the wall with glue or screws, as in the photo.

Plastic cable duct

  • Lay the wiring behind the plinth. In this case, the strap is removed, and after placing the cable is again attached to its original place. You can use floor baseboards that have cable channels.

Laying the cable in baseboards

  • When repairing an apartment, you can hide the wiring by making a small recess in the wall for a cable and then plastering the walls. This is the safest option.

Preparation of the wall for cable laying

Properly selected wires for wiring in the apartment, the use of high-quality appliances and accessories, professional installation of the system, will allow you to receive a reliable TV signal from cable television.